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Hazen International Trading Co. is one of the leading supplier in Qatari Food Service & Retail Markets. Serving all kinds of food segments and offering customers with the best quality, an excellent service and maximum support.

Hazen International Trading Co. was established on March 2011. In a short span of time, it managed to achieve a significant growth and become a well-established system that spread across the State of Qatar. That ensures a high quality service is delivered to our clients supported by a Strong Management and Logistic Services such as Warehouses, Trucks and well-Trained & Competent Staff.

Our product portfolio is a combination of the world’s leading brands - ensuring that we have the right products & quality suitable to our clients’ demand. Distributing various branded Frozen products to Hotels, Restaurant Chains, Catering Companies, Coffee Shops, Hypermarkets, Groceries, and many other channels.

Our product line includes Frozen Goods, Sauces, Condiments, Salad Dressings, Cheeses, Oils, Pickles, and so much more .

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